Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just to keep the juices flowing

Well I have two new occupations, working out & writing in my blog. I'll keep it short & sweet just to keep my juices flowing because I have to get to my 2nd, less enjoyable past time, hitting the track.  yuck.  Today will only make day #2 but I have to...blah blah....those juices....yeah, you know.   I don't hate running, but running in a circle is the worst! I need to see my destination ahead, run to it and of course you have to get back home sooo I may as well jog back too. But where I live no-one is jogging up & down the streets and the nearby park has a trail but it is too far off the beaten path for me.

I do have a fancy gym membership, with sauna, steam room & state of the art equipment which I have had for two whole months and have the pleasure of utilizing at least....um..........NEVER! Not been able to go.  Why, you ask? Oh allow me show you.

(I can't leave the breast baby, unless I leave her a breast!) 

But there is hope on the horizon..... 


MY MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!  YIPPPEEEE!    OH......she'll be bringing those Nana skills when she comes, she'll be bringin those Nana skills when she comes, oh there'll be plenty of time for me, plenty of time for me, plenty of time for me when she comes! Sorry SIL! Be nice..share.

Now she doesn't have a breast full of milk, but what she does have - her experience, can hold off the 'latch on kid' until I get back.  

Dads don't have that, they just have this.

Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Staying In Pull Ups!!!

I did something really crazy last night. 

To begin, my 2 year old is, for all intent & purposes, potty trained...As long as she doesn't have a pull up on.... then she's ..
oh yeah or having too much fun........
uh....or on time out..
(but wait a minute! time outs don't count because those accidents are out of spite!)(Ohhhh she is wise beyond her 2 years)
SOOO other than that, she's totally potty trained!  (why thank you! I try)  
She was only using the pull up at night, just in case. Well, we just returned from visiting family in Texas and while we were there, I didn't want accidents at their homes - soooo she got comfortable just peeing in the pullup.  
Ok. Fine.  Now we're back home and its back to business. Just a small setback but we are back on track now.  

So anyway, I decided to do away with the pull up altogether because it is just contradicting what we're teaching her.  Yes, even the night time pull up.  I know! but its time.
So since I still have to get up once or twice during the night to nurse the 4 month old baby-
WOW! who am I fooling? That sounds so poetic and beautiful doesn't it? 
I picture a beautiful mother in a long, white gown going into the nursery and sitting under the moonlit window, breastfeeding in a rocker with a soft breeze blowing in.  

HA! Not here. With my eyes still closed, I reach over & drag the baby from the adjoining co-sleeper, into the bed with me where a breast is already popped out of the top of my long shirt.
What? ! People shouldn't romanticize these things, it's not always beautiful.  What is beautiful is not having to open my eyes and go warm up a bottle in the kitchen. Now that is the joy of breastfeeding.

Will I ever get to my main topic of discussion?

Because of the night time feedings I sleep later than the two year old and she calls & calls but the sounds of her voice just gets all hazy and lost. Pillows keep a lot of sound out, don't they?
So she pees or poops in the pullup. 
I got the bright idea to teach her how to get out of her crib, on her own, so that in the event that she wakes up & has to go, she can come get me. 

Well! I am afraid of my own shadow, let alone a tiny person, in a nightgown appearing all over the house.  SPOOOOKY.
I was still up on the computer around 1:30 am, all of the lights were out except for the glare from the television and my laptop in the living room, when I heard a thump and went to my daughters room to see what it was. As I slowly opened the door, I saw her small figure standing in the middle of the room.
In the dark ..
Just waiting.. 
I SCREAMED AND FLEW OFF DOWN THE HALL!!!! As I looked back she was running after me & screaming too!
I must admit it was a scene from a horror movie, I was out of my skin! But she was crying "Mama! Mama!" I quickly flipped on all the lights I could(..uh so I could see her better
Awwwww, I had scared HER, even though she was the one standing in the spooky, dark - alone - thumping... and waiting..... 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Snooping is the new "get to know me"

Well this is my first blog & I've created it just for fun, so I'm going to ramble a bit until I find my footing and my comfort zone. Writing, for me is therapeutic & I have always been a pen and paper kind of girl.  
I would just scribble my thoughts and feelings anywhere, anytime, which of course leaves a paper trail....and my mother was a snooper. Her motto was, if your room is a mess it will be pillaged, and my room was ALWAYS a mess! So I would write and destroy - which of course I now regret because I would love to look back & see what a day in the life of teenage me was like, from my immediate perspective and not from memory. Which is why I am soooo happy my SIL convinced me to start a blog (she's probably the only one reading at this point. Hi ya!). how in the hec do I drop a link to her blog? I suck   We looove to yap and could talk on the phone for hours & hours, but my daily routine no longer allows for lazy days, gabbing on the phone and giggling. (Scoooby doooby doooooooo!)(private joke)

I am a happily married mom of two beautiful girls, a 24 month old and a 4 month old.  The only gabbing I'm doing is goo goo gab gab, oh & my ABC'S.  As we begin the stage referred to as the "terrible two's", I must say that two is definitely terrible! Just to get any cooperation from her we have to use reverse psychology and she has even started to catch on to that trick. My husband Bobby & I live at least an hour away from our nearest friends & relatives, so its mostly just us with the babies. We hang around our home town, watch movies & reality TV-my 'guilty pleasure' (yes, I live vicariously through MTV and  VH1)

So what's up with the name of my blog? Vivrant-thing by Q-Tip?  Hellow! This was my theme song & its such a head bopper! Before husband & kids, I used to be a Vivrant Thing, vivrant thing, a vivrant thing Owww! Getting pretty, hanging with my girls, stress free, no worries and always laughing. So that's the name of my blog because sometimes mommies don't feel so vivrant.  Don't get me wrong, I love being a mom-I waited over 30 years for my babies and when you are dedicated to your kids, something has to give.  So I've put me to the side for a little while but when the kids go to bed.. out comes the disco ball and earphones. shhh keep it down. You have to stay young & fun, or at least think you're still cool so you can embarrass your kids when their friends come over. (WELL IT HAPPENED TO US!)  In thirteen years I'm going to pull out my club outfit, squeeeeze it on & show my daughters and all of their friends how I used to dance to Vivrant Thing back in the 90's.  No. Really. It's been decided but thanks for your concerns.

Now, my husband is an avid x-box 360 gamer or should I say enthusiast or .....whatever the hell you call it when its glued to your hand?. In other words he's on it all of the time, so there's his escape. (he took my "stay young & fun" theory to prepuberty) He claims it relaxes him but he's jumping off the couch, throwing grenades, shooting, ducking and yelling to the online players, "I need help over here! They've got our base! Get in the wart hog, no the AV"! ...Or whatever. WAY TOO STRESSFUL. I'll take my hot cup of decaf tea, (until I'm done breastfeeding, then it'll be my cool glass of wine) a quiet spot and blog. Needless to say, he's so happy I'm going to be blogging here now, instead of shaking my head at him. I am just relieved to be able to collect my thoughts & I find it so ironic that after tearing up diaries due to snooping eyes, I now choose to clear my head in a forum where snooping is the point!