Wednesday, April 29, 2009

just to keep the juices flowing

Well I have two new occupations, working out & writing in my blog. I'll keep it short & sweet just to keep my juices flowing because I have to get to my 2nd, less enjoyable past time, hitting the track.  yuck.  Today will only make day #2 but I have to...blah blah....those juices....yeah, you know.   I don't hate running, but running in a circle is the worst! I need to see my destination ahead, run to it and of course you have to get back home sooo I may as well jog back too. But where I live no-one is jogging up & down the streets and the nearby park has a trail but it is too far off the beaten path for me.

I do have a fancy gym membership, with sauna, steam room & state of the art equipment which I have had for two whole months and have the pleasure of utilizing at least....um..........NEVER! Not been able to go.  Why, you ask? Oh allow me show you.

(I can't leave the breast baby, unless I leave her a breast!) 

But there is hope on the horizon..... 


MY MOTHER-IN-LAW!!!!  YIPPPEEEE!    OH......she'll be bringing those Nana skills when she comes, she'll be bringin those Nana skills when she comes, oh there'll be plenty of time for me, plenty of time for me, plenty of time for me when she comes! Sorry SIL! Be nice..share.

Now she doesn't have a breast full of milk, but what she does have - her experience, can hold off the 'latch on kid' until I get back.  

Dads don't have that, they just have this.


  1. Yup girlie!! You are right.
    Nana has some mad skillz when it comes to the kids.
    I'll share. I'll share EVERYTHING about her with you.
    You can have all the stories she likes to tell too.

    Girl, I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon with you and start doing some jogging. Devyn is going to be in track this summer and he can't have his lazy-assed momma sitting on the stands munching on crap at every meet.

    Nice pics of Mom and Sky!

  2. P.S.
    I know you keep coming back to my blog to hear the lamb pray. I see you!!

  3. Jogging is a nasty word in my book but it has to be the best way to get pounds off! I have been working out now for 2 weeks and have to add running to the equation.....I hate loath despise running!
    And i have mad baby skills! I have been the one just about taking care of my monkeys for the past 3 years! Helping the wife unit finish college. I got them skillz no other man has....now if I could get me some portable boobies I would be all set.....in so many ways I cannt even count!

  4. Sheila please you look great, you don't have to join boot camp like me! and I was not peeking around in your blog for the lamb of satan! I was trying to link from me 2 you. But there was a box on the doorstep today, & I was like NOOOO!

  5. JELLO Honkeie 2! ....ooops I mean hello! (lol) thanks for looking in on me & my most dainty, ladylike curtsey to men who can help at home while we wives grind in pursuit of our dreams! And do you mean you want MANBOOBS?! To love & hug & squeeze & all your own? You may have to go back & finish that BIG BURGER!