Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gotta get it together!

Nothing major happening over here, its been pretty uneventful. I took the girls to my parents' house just for the day yesterday and basically I am a major mess right now.  I thought I would be that mom who was so together with manicured nails, pretty hair, neatly dressed, lip gloss, high heels and a clean car. So sad to report that I am disheveled, fussy, clumsy, forgetful and in horrible need of some pampering. The baby is teething and the two year old.....well she's two! So it is no surprise that on my way to my parents house I reach a toll booth and reach in the console for my easy pass.  

It's not in there.

Fine. I pull over to the cash lane & dig in my purse. 

No cash in there.

I pull up to the toll clerk, 

"Do you take debit?" (same as cash!)

He gives me this blank look as if I just asked the stupidest question ever.
"No." Then he just stares at me.  

"Okaaay. Well I don't have my ez pass or any cash on me so.....should I pull over and wait for the toll police with my drivers license?" (I've been through this before obviously) 

Now he looks all pissy. 

"No, you have to give me your vehicle registration."  I already know that it is not in the car because my genius husband keeps it in his wallet, but I play at searching for it.

"They've never asked for the registration before,  you're supposed to get the drivers license." I say & start to reach in my bag for it.
"No! I need the vehicle registration." he repeats in a loud voice. (traffic is backing up behind me)

"Well it's not in here. Now what? Do you want my license?" I ask.

He looks lost and doesn't know what to do now, so he waves over one of the toll police officers and explains what's going on.

The toll officer takes out his pen, "Oh, ok no problem, just give me your drivers license, I'll issue you a notice and you have..? (I've already forgotten  how long!)  to send in your payment, that's all."

I chuckle & give the toll clerk my best 'I told you so, I was right & you are an idiot' look. 

I open my wallet for my license,

it's not in there.

I start to dig around in my bag........I start mumbling "it was in here yesterday....." 
now I'm feeling kinda warm........still digging....... 

(a quick glance at the toll booth clerk and he has an even better 'Who looks like an idiot now?' scoff.

You would think that the ones who keep me in a constant state of confusion would be in the backseat having a double meltdown just to show as evidence of my hectic days, but nooo they were sound asleep like little angels.


  1. See, that's why I wouldn't be able to live up there. I prefer it down here where I get to the checkpoint and all they ask is if I'm an American citizen. I say "YES" and carry on.

    You know that guy was gloating to himself all day!

  2. Gotta love power tripping law authorities. I'm playing tag and you're invited. I'm tagging you so if you want to play come see my blog for more info.

  3. Oh I know all about those problems..... well I dont get my nails done I can bite them myself thank you. But having it together.....wtf is that? I am a mess at any given day! And i recently lost my license.....and now I have to go to the DMV before the men in blue come asking for it!

  4. ha ha Too funny You Know You should keep your drivers license with you at ALL times especialy when DRIVING

    OH yea my hair is purple now

  5. yeah Sheila that's crazy, checkpoints in America to continue through America! Any hoot, they should question your citizenship! Aren't you British? LOL

  6. Honkeie2, I see you're in the same boat as me! Hey, do you think our kids swiped our licenses and are stealing the car at night and getting into bars with a fake I.D?

    Hey Teenage years! Wow, I'm really in trouble if I'm being lectured by a teenager on responsibility!