Friday, May 22, 2009

not quite the holiday

Oh the sacrifices! I guess I'm feeling a little down because motherhood is not so easy as everyone else makes it seem. For me it is sacrifice after sacrifice, which I don't complain about because I had a roaring twenties.  I had fun, went to parties, took nice vacations, lunched with friends, shopped till I dropped...

Ohhh & SLEPT. 

I slept like nobody's business. 

The quiet, peaceful sleep you get when you have your own place, 
you cut off the ringers, 
turn down the answering machine, 
shut the blinds, 
crank up the a/c and dive under the covers and stretch out 


Sometimes I would get home at 5am still pretty dark out and go to sleep just to wake up at 5pm in the dark again. 
"damn missed a whole day. Oh well!" 
stretch, yawn, eat some junk food or order chinese, maybe shower, watch tv and doze back off again by 9pm. 

Those were the days!

I don't feel guilty about missin' the ole days, 
I love the NOWADAYS! 

To be honest, I used to be sooooo lonely. 

Sometimes my friends would all be busy doing something with their husbands, boyfriends or kids & if I just had to get out of the house I would take myself on a date. I would get all sexy, throw on some low riders and high heels, blow out my hair & hit a movie ALONE, grab a bite ALONE and then go to a 24 hour drug store & read all the conditioner bottles and look at lip gloss until I got sleepy.  
Then I would go home & feel sorry for myself for not having a husband & kids to do things with. (though that date with myself bit sounds pretty good right about now!)

It has always been all or nothing for me.  
All the freedom, no one at home to even know I'm gone.  
A loving family who loves & needs me, no time alone.

By time alone, I don't mean an hour either. I hate those super moms who have quadruplets & claim to be rejuvenated after a fifteen minute break and a cup of coffee on their back porch.
Bull S H + +!  

I need a day away!

My mother-in-law and FIL are here but it has not been quite the holiday I was looking for. My husband has had project after project for them since they arrived.  The front yard, the backyard the garage, unload boxes, re-stack the cabinets etc. I haven't been able to get a moment for myself at all.

Breaking news right up to the minute!

Wow.  My wonderful husband comes into the room and sees me alone blogging in the dark & asks me what's wrong.  I just need to relax for a few while its quiet (the baby is napping and Pumkie aka terrible two is being a good girl playing in her playroom and the in laws are out visiting relatives) 
I tell him nothing is wrong, I just need a few.
"Well come on get up! Aren't you going to put away the clothes or clean up? There's things to do besides sitting here in the dark." Then he's off back to working outside. Yeah he's just trying to make our home beautiful but working out there is easier than working in here!

He must have known I was blogging about him. See? Speak of the devil & he appears right on cue.   



  1. Oh Man, SIL! I was hoping you would get a nice break since my parents are up there.
    Kick Bobby in the ass and tell him you need a break. ALSO, mom called and told on Bobby. Said he was working Dad to death. Tell him to let Dad rest. He needs it.

    Those first 3 paragraphs were all me girl. I slept too.
    We need to start our own EXCLUSIVE Nap Club. No boys coming in and waking us up. If kids come in...they have to nap.
    'nuff said!

  2. Ahhhh darn! I'm not sure if my laptiop failed or I hit the send button so here is my blog site: Latina On a Mission

    Can't rem. everything I said except it WILL get easier =)