Thursday, June 4, 2009


It's actually JUNE 16, 2009  I don't know how to change the date on a draft. 

I haven't dropped a line in like FOREVER!  I know. 
Been at home and my in-laws are here and my husband considers their visits to be our home improvement time. 

THEY'VE been organizing the garage, the cabinets, starting the backyard project, then the laundry room still needs to be painted......and we're setting up a huge play set for the girls....the list goes on & on.  Here is part of our backyard project. I don't have any photos of the play set, I'll take some tomorrow and throw them on here.

All the old grass was removed, dirt brought in and leveled out the yard, these guys are putting in sprinklers and we planted new grass seeds which are starting to sprout as we speak.
The bad news is that my father in law has a heart defibrillator and it shocked him several times in a row while he was in our backyard helping out the hubby.
Hubby's dad has always been a very strong man and has helped him on many projects around here but I think Hub has on blinders to the fact that his dad is older now and cannot do the things he used to do. This incident has been a wake up call for him but I guess all guys must face that realization about their dads as they get older. 

Also, he ended up in the hospital for over a week and there is some issue as to whether his defibrillator was recalled a few years ago and he was still allowed to continue on with the recalled item.  Can you spell L-A-W-S-U-I-T

To make matters even worse, my in-laws left two puppies at home and the youngest one got out under the fence and was struck and killed by a car. My FIL loved those dogs and my sister in law who had them at the time is distraught and can't stop crying. http://sheangel1019.blogspot.com/   I can't help feeling like this trip was a total disaster for their dad....

On a lighter note my FIL has been doing well and was given the ok to travel back home by his doctor, so he and my MIL left yesterday. The girls keep looking for them and Terrible Two doesn't believe they've gone anywhere far because she looks out the window to show me our old Corolla that my MIL drives when she's here and she keeps saying, "Nana no gone bye bye! Look Nana car's dere!" 

Have a safe trip home and thank you for all you do!

We love our Nana & Grampka!

Um, to my MIL I also thank her for the meals she cooked everyday and the peach cobblers and cakes she bakes which have not allowed me to lose not even one single pound! I mean I have not been working out much but not even one?! Well we'll see what happens now that the cooking will be back down to a minimum once again!   oooh hope hubby didn't read that. 



  1. Yeah, this was not the vacation anyone was planning. So many things happened.

    The yard is looking good though. Maybe you should slip some ADD meds into Bobby every once in awhile. Then you can probably take a nap..lol.

  2. ha! he drinks way too much pepsi! it would probably reverse the meds and he would probably just bounce off the walls faster.