Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to a pretty incredible dad. I always knew you would be and here are the top TEN reasons why your girls will think so too! (they actually do already)

(Especially the Terrible one)

Well here they are dad!

10) you were the first person we laid eyes on.

(Although Shy seems to be a little skeptical.)

"yeah God I know I said all I want is a loving family and yada yada yada.. but who is this guy? Did he really have to tilt his scrub to the side?"

and Sky just let her feelings be known!

9) You spend family time with us and take us cool places!

8) You are always more than happy to participate in the activities that mom sets up for us! (mom's great too by the way)

7) We always can count on you to be the biggest kid and the most fun dad anywhere we go!

6) You put together play kitchens as though you've been building them your whole life!

5)You share your xbox!

4) It doesn't get any better than our very own playground! Thanks dad!

3) or maybe it does. Dad's doing it all for us!

2) Daddy, even with no fancy toys or gadgets you are just sooo much fun!

1) Most of all we love you because you are the best dad in the world!


  1. awwww. that was so sweet. It's sheila's, well angel's cousin btw... how are the girls, they are so cute!

  2. Hiya cyn! Thanks. The girls are great & getting big. I didn't know u blooged. I'll be checking u out & hope all is great w/ u & the family.

  3. That was a great Father's Day Tribute.
    I was wondering what was going on with that side scrub tilt too.
    What lucky girls you all are.

    Happy Father's Day, Bro.

  4. That was a great fathers day post....I love the huge baby gate in the kitchen picture. They are a must in our house!
    I wish I had the yard to put a playground and a pool in....i am jealous lol