Thursday, May 7, 2009

Small Tokens

So my little pumpkie Shy (Terrible & Two) has a mini phobia with lint, cotton balls, basically anything that blows across the floor because she thinks it's alive. Well, my baby is playing on the floor, rolling around, sliding along the edges of the wall and under the bed... 

Me talking, "Shy get up, the floor is cold."  

Her usual response "NO!" 

Me again, "Get up, mommy's serious, you're going to go on time out." 

Her again, "NO TEMOUT!"

Me again, "Shy get up and be a good girl please, go play in your playroom."


So I go to reach for her and she rolls away and stands up facing me and since my housekeeping could use more 'keeping', poor baby girl has a big ball of.....hmmm looked like a mixture of lint, cat hair, a little bit of ??fuzz and some bits of string just to give it legs, sitting on her chest right below her chin!

So she doesn't know it's there, but I do. (mischievous grin)

Me talking, "You should really try to be a good girl."

"NO GUD DIRL!" she yells.

So I open my eyes as wide as I can and give an 'OH MY!' expression and stare at the fur ball sitting on her collarbone.

Her facial expression changed from stubborn defiance to a curious brow raising. So I open my eyes wide again, stare at her fuzzy friend and say "Ohhhh!"

She looked so bewildered and followed my gaze, bringing her chin to her shirt and saw her cottony friend smiling up at her and its linty particles rustling and moving under the breeze of her breath. She threw her head back, her arms went out & she stiffened up. In a panicky voice she kept saying "Ma ma! Ma ma!" as she walked slowly and stiffly(so as to not awaken it I guess) towards me.

I leaned back as though I didn't want to be near it either. She would slowly look down just to see if it......was...... still.... there...YUP! Then throw her head back up over and over again and each time there was - "Ma ma! Ma ma!"

Aaaaahhhhhh..... these small tokens of retribution for all of the "no's", the tantrums and the messes.  We parents must learn to accept these gifts as they are every so often bestowed on us by a good parent fairy.

OK! I brush it off and it drifts to the floor.  She backs away from it as though it were the creature from aliens and it was going to pounce and latch onto her face at any moment.  I pick it up and she curiously watches me throw it away.(from a distance) 

Me talking, "See it's all gone. Can Mommy get a kiss?"

Her eyes light up and she turns and runs away, 



  1. How funny! I know how afraid she is of lint-like stuff seeing as how I have that big box of poly-fil to mess with her with.
    And you still didn't get a kiss at the end?!?!
    That's what kids will do to you!!
    Not mine of course...

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  3. oh hey i can ship that big box poly-fil to mess with her

    Btw come by and play a game of tic tac toe with me